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Intiamatkat is like a family at heart and soccer team at the execution. We believe that our team is our strength and that is how we create relationship with our customers, clients and travel partners.

Team Intiamatkat

Namaste and Terve!


Intiamatkat has been founded to extend comprehensive travel and related services to share India's rich cultural heritage experience. ​At the same time, we consider ourselves as bridge ebwteen Europe and India. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading travel and tour operators engaged in providing a wide range of comprehensive theme travel solutions for India and Europe / Scandinavia.


We encourage Finns to explore India, its multifarious cultural landscape and history and so for Indians traveling in Scandinavia. The tour packages are designed keeping in mind your interest in the diverse culture, art and history of India and Europe - Scandinavia.


Intiamatkat tours have a host of prime attractions on its list; ranging from the glorious historical cities like Delhi, Agra in the North, to architectural and cultural splendour of Rajasthan in the West, to nature's most serene and beautiful Kerala in the South. Alongside you will discover more hidden gems on your visit to India and Scandinavia!


The journey of Intiamatkat!

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