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Terms & Conditions for Europe - Scandinavia Tours

Dear Guest,


We make every effort to provide you with the best services in a pleasant & warm atmosphere at all times. We strive for your complete satisfaction & endeavour to provide a safe & secure journey. Please read, understand and accept the below-mentioned terms & conditions for your holiday at the time of booking.


Brochure/E-Mail/Document Information

All information given in the brochure is based on the information available at the time of publication. Intiamatkat reserves the right to change any information contained in the brochure before or after booking the outbound tour due to any event(s) beyond the control of Intiamatkat.

• In case Intiamatkat becomes aware of any change before the departure for the outbound tour, MMT will take all reasonable steps to notify the client before the departure for the outbound tour. In the event of Intiamatkat becoming aware of the changes post the departure for the outbound tour, the Intiamatkat tour manager or local representative will inform the client about the change.

No claim of the client against any change in the brochure/email/document regarding the outbound tour shall be entertained and the client acknowledges that such changes are due to reasons beyond the control of Intiamatkat.



All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of the Client. Intiamatkat shall not be liable for the loss by airline/cruise/ coach or any other carrier.
It is advisable that the Client does not carry valuables on the tour. However, if the Client carries any valuables, the same should preferably be kept in the Safe Deposit Lockers, that are commonly made available in most of the hotels. However, Intiamatkat will not be responsible for the loss of valuables or for making good any such loss.


Meals And Special Requests

• Intiamatkat reserves the right to pre-set the menu for meals on the outbound tour. Intiamatkat would not entertain a request for a special meal nor guarantees a special diet to the client except to the extent mentioned in the brochure.

• Intiamatkat reserves the right to change the menu if circumstances necessitate such a change. In the event that the client is not able to avail the meals in the menu for any reason attributable to the client, no claim can be made for the unutilized meal against Intiamatkat.

Client acknowledges that hotels worldwide serve breakfast at 6 am (local time) and hotels do not pack and deliver breakfast.

The meal has to be consumed when served. If the client misses breakfast due to him/her catching a flight or any other

the reason, no claim for the same shall be entertained.



As the Client would be out sightseeing most of the time and retire to a room only for the night, Intiamatkat selects hotels at locations, which give comfort and value for money. Hence depending on the day-to-day itinerary, the hotel may be confirmed either in the city or away from the city centre. Most hotels do not have air conditioners, Room Heaters or fans. Double rooms in Europe are comparatively small and single rooms are even smaller. A double room has either a single queen-size bed or two separate beds. If the Client requests for a room with a queen-size bed, the same would be provided subject to availability as most of the hotel rooms in Europe are twin-bedded. In case of non-availability of a room with a queen-size bed, a twin bedded-room would be given.

In case of a request in writing at the time of booking by the Client for the preference of rooms, Intiamatkat would take every effort for the same; however, as the hotel management does room allocation, there is no guarantee in this regard.

Passengers will have to abide by the check-in and checkout times of the hotels. The guests should themselves manage early arrivals and late departures.


Visa and insurance

1. Kindly obtain necessary Schengen visa, travel/medical insurances and a valid passport before leaving from home country. For any doubts or assistance write to and we will help you to the best of our ability.

2. Inclusion of Travel Insurance Below 55 years only (difference would be separate for 55 + yrs)

3. Applicants maybe called to Delhi for an interview by the Finland or Danish Embassy for which the charges would have to paid for by the applicants separately - at actuals.



1. Vehicle will be for Arrival / Departure and Sightseeing mentioned in Itinerary only.

2. Transport quote is based on current applicable rates & are subject to change in case of hike in fuel charges or any other inflationary changes in the Govt. policy



1. Flight Fares are valid as on date and are subject to availability of seats.

2. Flight Fares are on per person basis.

3. Flight Fares are date & flight specific, any change to the same will result in a fare change.

4. Flight Penalties apply for date change and cancellations on all fares.

5. All Flight fares are subject to change as there are on instant purchase.

6. In Europe and Scandinavia, all airlines allow 8-10 KG of hand baggage included in ticket price. Check-in luggage needs to be ordered separately.

7. Fight fares keeps on changing as per the seat occupancy level, hence the fares keep vary accordingly.

8. Flights are on schedule as on date and are subject to change without prior notice.

9. No Meals on board for European internal flights, unless otherwise specified.

10. Intiamatkat will not be responsible in case of any flight delay, Flight disruption, missed connections, commencement or continuance of flight, and any unforeseen calamities without thereby incurring any liability in damages or otherwise to the passengers or any other person on any ground whatsoever.



1. Check in & Check out time varies hotel to hotel.

2. Room availability & Room Rate will be subject to change as per the occupancy.

3. All Hotels rates / taxes are subject to change without prior notice.

4. Early Check In / Late check out will be subject to room availability at the time of Check In / Check out.



1. No services are blocked at the moment. Only on confirmation of the booking with Deposit, bookings will be intiated.

2. Confirmation depends on room availability upon your placing of booking to us. Alternative Hotel/Room will be given; if the above quoted hotel/room type is not available. Every effort will be made to ensure rate quoted remain same upon confirmation, however, surcharge is unavoidable should higher room category / different category of hotel is given, due to quoted hotel/room type is fully booked.

3. Full 100% payment to be paid at the time of confirming the booking.

4. The offer is valid for 7 days from the date mentioned in the offer document.

5. # Non refundable - Management reserves the right to book the services e.g. accommodation, any fare, transportation without prior notice to the client on non-refundable basis, which has to be borne by the customer.


Price and Exchange Rate

1. Exchange rates are calculated from

2. Quotation is calculated on base category of rooms.

3. The above rates are valid for the dates of travel and hotels / room types as indicated. In case of any change in the dates of travel, amendment or rerouting of itinerary, change in hotels / room types, the costs will vary accordingly.

4. Any change in the number of pax will affect package cost.

5. In case of any tour packages where a minimum number of passengers have been indicated by the company, any increase or decrease in the number of passengers may result in change of the total package cost.


Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

  • Up to 90 days: 30% of the total tour cost ora minimum of 400 euros per person is chargeable plus any fare/accommodation and train fare which is non-refundable #

  • Up to 60 days: 50% of the total tour cost or a minimum of 500 euros per person is chargeable plus any fare/accommodation and train fare which is non-refundable #

  • Up to 30 days: 70% of the total tour cost or a minimum of 1000 euros per person is chargeable plus any fare/accommodation and train fare which is non-refundable #

  • After 30 days: no refund (any case, visa refusal, medical emergency etc. also)

  • No Show: No Refund



We make every efforts to make your jounrey joyful and stressfree. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, please follow following prcedures.


1. No Change in Itinerary once confirmed will be honored unless otherwise given in writing.

2. No verbal commitments will be honored unless otherwise given in writing.

3. Security cruise or train regulations require clients’ family and first name, D.O.B., Passport number, gender, and nationality at time of booking. Intiamatkat assures the use of this information for booking purpose only.


Suggestions  & Comments


You may write to us with your suggestions at:


Intiamatkat Tours & Travel Solutions

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