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Pre-Departure Orientation

IntiaMatkat experts provide a general info session for registered travelers and our esteemed clients which we term as

"Pre-Departure Orientation".

Through these sessions the travellers will get the opportunity to:​


  • get detailed info about tour package – less surprises, honest and fact based information

  • know what to pack and carry in luggage

  • meet fellow travellers in the same tour

  • understand History & Culture of the places where they will visit

  • know cultural differences and behavioral patterns

  • get to know the Do's and Don'ts during travel

  • understand healthcare options and medical emergencies

  • learn about the local food habits and care

  • understand the complete Visa and travel related formalities

  • get very basic knowledge of communication while travelling

  • know about any other travel advise

  • Enterprise Use : Can be used by companies to provide orientation sessions

On-Call Buddy Service

If you wish travel freely without any package tours or pre-defined booking journey and still wish to secure your travel plan, here is "Buddy Service" specially tailored for you.

You are free to make your own plans and submit a tentative journey to us. We will provide you with single mobile number where you can call and avail any kind of service which you need during your travel. The services will be charged at actual and on the spot in Indian Rupees.

This is specially suited for adventurous travels and travelers from enterprise background.​


Key benefits:​

  • a trusted ”buddy” during travel – feeling of Security

  • freedom in planning – privacy

  • service options – trusted service provides charge at optimum price (no cheating)

  • emergency and unwanted situations handlingIn

  • case of urgent situation, a person will come to help you out

  • shopping assistance – you pay right amount for your product

  • paying on the spot will make your calculation flexible and you effectively save more money

  • opportunity to enjoy home stay with trusted families

  • enterprise solution- this service is of most use to Finnish companies who wish to establish India operations.

Travel Planning & Consultancy

  • Providing expert advise and solutions which matches your specific requirements

  • We are here for the customized tour planning. You can plan the trip exactly as per your requirement, our team will assist you until you are fully satiesfied with the plan.

  • budget travels and quality services

  • trusted hotels and transport services

  • ticket booking and reservations

  • special tours planning – Bike Tours, Cycle trips, group adventure tours etc

  • advise regarding travel if you have any emergency sitatution

  • Visa and travel related formalities

  • connecting with local people

  • arranging host families

  • low fare alert service




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