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We understand your concerns over disclosing information about yourself to us. Our aim in collecting personal information is to provide you with a customized experience on our website (aiming to show you information that is relevant to you) and to provide the information to you that is asked for e.g. course information, training programs. We also collect information for statistical purposes and, where agreed by you, to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you.


Information we collect


  • Log file information, including IP addresses. You can visit public areas of the site without identifying yourself or providing any personal information 

  • Tracking IP addresses (the computer's internet address) 

  • Monitoring how long a user spends on the site and which pages he/she visits - this helps us evaluate the use of different parts of the website 

 As a rule, we don't link IP addresses to anything that can identify you personally, ensuring you can remain anonymous. Nevertheless, we will attempt to use IP addresses to identify a user when we feel it is necessary to protect our services and other users.


Personal data


 Any of your personal information gathered by us within the registration method or throughout your use of the service are going to be recorded and solely be employed in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. the web site uses varied order and registration forms to alter you to request data, merchandise and services. In some cases, you may have to be compelled to give us the data like your name, date of birth, e-mail address and password. Any personal information that we have a tendency to collect throughout registration or otherwise is intended to permit us to: personalize the user experience for you. It will help us to provide you access to, and to supply you with, the proper sorts of data associated with your enquiry.(We can solely give you with such promoting data together with your previous agreement) If you register or request more data or contact us we have a tendency to keep a record of that correspondence and incorporate the data that it contains into our database(s), we'll keep it secure in accordance with the wants of the Data Protection Act. we'll not transfer your personal information to any third parties unless: we've your consent. The third party is our contractor or a member of our cluster of firms,


 Any personal data relating to you gathered by us in the registration process or during your use of the service will be recorded and only be used in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.


 The website uses various order and registration forms to enable you to request information, products and services.

  • In some cases, you'll have to be compelled to offer us with data like your name, date of birth, e-mail address and password.

  • Any personal information we have a tendency to collect throughout registration or otherwise is meant to permit us to: personalize the positioning for you give you access to, and to produce you with, the proper types of data associated with your inquiry enable us to compile data for restrictive or business functions, to send or inform you regarding our services that will be of interest to you.

  • (We can solely offer you with such selling data together with your previous agreement) If you register, request additional data or contact us we might keep a record of that correspondence and incorporate the data it contains into our database(s), that we'll keep secure in accordance with the necessities of the Data Protection Act.

We will not transfer your personal information to any third parties unless we have your consent to so.


Internet security


 The web server that hosts this website won't store personal data of any kind. while we tend not to directly track or record your usage of this website, within the event that we tend to become aware that website security has been compromised as a result of external activity (including however not restricted to external security attacks) we tend to take all measures which will deem appropriate.

 This isn't restricted to internal investigation and news, and notification to and cooperation with enforcement authorities. This privacy policy might not apply to you if we tend to believe you're misusing the website or if we are needed to disclose data by a court of law or alternative relevant bodies.


Third party sites


 Please be aware that some of the websites to which we provide links may collect personally identifiable information about you. We do not control these sites and are not responsible for the content or practices of third party websites. This privacy policy does not cover such sites.

Inquiries on Data Protection policy may be addressed to the CCE Finland Oy Team.


Terms of Use


 The CCE Finland Oy of encourages you to post your comments on the website and its other websites where prompted and welcomes your feedback. For comments that do not comply with these Terms of Use we reserve the right to remove them. The CCE Finland Oy reserves the right to reproduce, publish and use any and all parts of any posting in any way it sees fit.


 By accepting these Terms of Use you agree to not post any material that a reasonable person would consider:

  • As of including any racial, sexual or other offensive, provocative or discriminatory language 

  • Is inappropriate to discuss within a forum which has users under the age of 18 

  • Is defamatory, abusive, harassing or hateful and capable of damaging the reputation of a person or organization. If successfully sued you could be held liable for considerable damages and costs 

  • That you do not have the necessary rights, licenses and consents to post 

  • Constitutes spam, unauthorized advertising or solicits 

  • Infringes dilutes, breaches, undermines or in any way constitutes unauthorized use of the intellectual property rights held by others including The CCE Finland Oy and its related organizations 

  • Contains long embedded URLs 

  • Invades anyone’s privacy or impersonates anyone 

  • Is far off-topic as irrelevant posts lower the value of the debate for everyone and may be removed 

  • Encourages conduct that may or would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability, or that otherwise violates any law 

  • The comment appears to contain irrelevant or excessive links or appears to contain code 

  • Personal information as it is unacceptable to publicise your or anyone else's contact details including address, place of employment, the name of educational establishment, telephone or mobile number, email address, etc. This is for your own safety and that of everyone who uses this service


  • As inappropriate usernames that are vulgar or offensive, etc 


  We will not edit comments to get rid of objectionable content, thus please make sure that your posting contains none of the above to avoid it being removed.

Anyone posting a comment is deemed to just accept the CCE Finland Oy's use and publication therefrom. however any moderation, The CCE Finland Oy cannot be controlled in any approach chargeable for the comments announce on the longer term CCE Finland web site or any of its alternative websites. The CCE Finland Oy doesn't endorse, approve or promote any comments showing on this website nor the authors therefrom.


  While e-mail addresses are required for registering to use the CCE Finland Oy and other parts of our website, they are not published on the CCE Finland website or anywhere else with our website, nor are they shared. They may be used by the administrator or post author to privately contact the commenter.


 From time to time the Terms of Use may be updated or changed so please make sure you check this page periodically.


Information disclaimer


 Throughout our materials, we provide links to third party sites however we cannot be responsible for the content of these sites.



 The copyright of the material on this site is held by Council For Creative Education. Individual users are free to make use of the information contained on the Careers and Employability Section of the CCE Finland site for their own non-commercial use.

Those working in an advice-giving role within the education system (schools, colleges and higher education institutions) may, in addition:

  • Make multiple copies for free distribution to students

  • Distribute single copies electronically to individual students 

However, the following acts are not permitted:

  • Unattributed use of materials or plagiarism

  • Loading copies of the documents onto a website

  • Amending the documents in any way

  • Using these materials for commercial gain in any way


Data Protection Policy

 Feedback, questions or suggestions for making changes to the website can be sent by e-mail to


Copyright, responsibilities and handling of personal data

 In accordance with the Copyright Act and its subsequent amendments, the rights to the content published on the website belong to Council For Creative Education Oy. All rights are reserved.

 We are not responsible for any damage caused by possible errors in the content of the website. Neither is Council For Creative Education Oy responsible for any harm caused by technical faults, or material which is linked to the site and published by third parties.


Website visitor tracking

 No personal information is collected on site users other than that which is necessary for maintaining the customer relationship. Information on users who have applied or registered for programs; on users requesting further information on programs; or education and training bulletins and newsletters; or who have downloaded brochures, is stored in CCE Finland’s customer and marketing registers.

Statistical information based on the Google Analytics services is collected for the purposes of developing the website. Google Analytics cookies store information, on an anonymous basis, on issues such as how visitors came to a page (via a search engine or a direct link etc.), the pages visited and how long users spent on each page. This information enables us to further develop our website and monitor the success of our new development activities. Website-use statistics are collected on issues such as the number of users, the user's country, the duration of the visit, the browser used, and the content visited.


Marketing automation

 CCE Finland website run a marketing automation system that is used to

  • Improve the general user experience of CCE Finland Website, e.g. highlighting services that are of highest importance to the visitor;

  • Fine-tuning our program finder functionalities;

  • Creating target segments for direct marketing campaigns


 CCE Finland sets a cookie to learn how visitors consume content in all its digital services. Visitor’s person stays anonymous to CCE Finland until


1. Visitor fills in the contact information on some web form

The user's personal information may be linked to the cookie when she reveals her person by filling in a web form, e.g. application/registration, request for information or newsletter subscription. The information given is stored in CCE Finland’s marketing or customer register.


2. A visitor arrives at the website from an email marketing message sent by CCE Finland


The user's personal information may be linked to the cookie when the user arrives at the website via an email marketing message sent by CCE Finland. The sources for e-mail marketing messages are CCE Finland's marketing or customer register. A user whose cookie is linked to personal data can receive email marketing that is personalized based on her website visitor history.


Email marketing

 Links to the website contained in newsletters and training bulletins e-mailed by CCE Finland are equipped with either personalized or campaign-specific tracking codes, which are used to assess the effectiveness and targeting of campaigns. All newsletters and e-mail marketing communications include a link for setting an e-mail marketing ban.


Display advertising

 On the website, CCE Finland has adopted Google Analytics display advertising and remarketing. When you visit our website, it may leave a cookie in your browser, which enables the display of targeted CCE Finland advertising when you visit other websites that are cooperating with Google. You can control how this advertising is displayed and completely opt out of Google Analytics display advertising by using Ads Preferences Manager at


 Third-party providers such as Google display CCE Finland’s ads on the Google search engine and on the websites of Google partners engaged in display advertising with the help of Google. Marketing based on user lists, which makes use of the systems of third-party service providers (e.g. Google), may be targeted at users of the website. Marketing based on user lists draws on lists created from the cookies used on this website. Marketing based on user lists complies with practices such as the following: the advertising policy (AdWords policies) of Google Inc., the latest version of which is available at


 CCE Finland and third-party service providers such as Google use first-party cookies (such as Google Analytics cookies) together with third-party cookies (such as DoubleClick cookies) for the transfer and optimization of information and to display advertising, on the basis that you have visited our website.


 CCE Finland uses display advertising by the Adform network on its website. Adform is a popular advertising material and campaign management service, which is used for the retargeting of advertising, reporting on campaigns, and impression counting. For further details on the Adform advertising network and the option of refusing Adform cookies, see


 CCE Finland uses Conversion Tracking, Analytics and Audience Matching functionalities of the following networks as well: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Other websites

 Our website contains links to other websites.  This privacy policy only applies to this website so when you link to other websites you should read their own privacy policies.



If you feel that your personal data has been processed in a way that does not meet the GDPR, you have a specific right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.   The supervisory authority will then tell you of the progress and outcome of your complaint.  The supervisory authority in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office.


 We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this web page.  Current Privacy Policy is revised in line with the new GDPR guidelines.

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