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Tour Packages

Embark on a personalized travel experience with our Flexible Itinerary Design option. This package is designed for travellers seeking full control over their journey. You'll have the opportunity for three revisions and two live meetings to ensure your itinerary aligns perfectly with your vision.

Fees indicated are per passenger. For group tours, kindly contact for discounted fees on planning services


Flexible Itinerary Design

€300.00 Regular Price
€200.00Sale Price
  • Inclusions:

    • Three Revisions: Tailor your itinerary to perfection with three rounds of revisions.
    • Two Live Meetings: Personalized consultations to understand and refine your travel preferences.
    • Initial Itinerary Presentation: Receive a comprehensive initial plan.
    • Hotel Recommendations: Prerequisite hotels and accommodation options based on your requirements.
    • Subsequent Revisions: Refine and optimize the itinerary based on your feedback.
    • Finalized Itinerary: A customized, detailed plan reflecting your unique travel needs.
  • Exclusions:

    • Bookings and related costs
    • Airfare and Transportation: Not included in the package.
    • Accommodation Costs: Prices for hotels and lodgings are separate.
    • Activity Fees: Entrance fees, guided tours, and activity costs are not covered.
    • Meals: Expenses related to meals are not part of the package.

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