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Deccan Odyssy - 9N/10D

Deccan Odyssy - 9N/10D

This luxurious train transports its guests on a remarkable sojourn of a land shining in legions grandeur - serene beaches, magnificent forts - palaces and experiencing divine tales etched in colossal rocks.

A weeklong royal journey is through some of the best places in Maharashtra namely Mumbai, Sindhudurg, Tarkarli, Goa, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Ellora, Ajanta and Nasik.

Day 1: Helsinki-Mumbai 

Day 2: Arrive at Mumbai and check in at the hotel. After taking rest, go for a short Mumbai City sight seeing (optional). Towards late afternoon head for the train station by car.Luxury train journey of Deccan Odyssey begins from Mumbai to Sindhudurg! 

Day 3: Sindhudurg Nagri-Sindhudurg Fort-Tarkarl Beach-Dhamapur Village

 Day 4: Goa - Visit to St. Augustine Church, Basilica of Bom Jesus Church, Se Cathedral Church, St.Francis of Assissi a Museum of Goan antiques and visit to Fontanhas the Latin Quarters at Panjim. 

Day 5: Goa (Vasco) - Visit to Mangeshi a Hindu Temple, the Safa Masjid a prominent Islamic Shrine, Sahakari Spice Farm, Menezes Braganza House at Chandor village. 

Day 6: Kolhapur- New Palace, Museum, Bhavani Mandap Mahalaxmi Temple - Shalini Palace. 

Day 7: Aurangabad-Daulatabad-Ellora Caves-Bibi-ka-Maqbara 

Day 8: Ajanta Caves / Nasik 

Day9: Mumbai - check in for the hotel. Cultural events and special dinner at Mumbai 

Day 10: Early Morning check-out from hotel and head towards airport.Mumbai-Helsinki flight. 

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