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Tour Packages

Duration : 3 hours and 30 minutes


Experience a thrilling, unforgettable trip riding a snowmobile. This is probably the best way to enjoy the beautiful nature of Lapland surrounding Rovaniemi.

After the briefing, we ride behind our guide on snowy hillsides and in forests crossing frozen rivers and swamps. See plenty of nature during this half-day trip into the wilds!

You may drive or sit as a passenger, as the snowmobiles are equipped with a passenger seat, too. This safari is suitable for everyone who wants to experience nature and modern snowmobiles. Recommended.

To drive on public tracks, you need an international driving license, and right-hand traffic regulations are valid on public tracks. It is possible to drive on waterways and private areas without a driving license. Our snowmobiles are the newest model of Lynx Adventurer ACE snowmobiles, modern, silent, ecological, and very easy to drive. Solo driving is an option.

Transfers from your hotel to the starting point and back, all equipment, winter clothes, and boots and are included. Warm beverages and snacks are offered during the safari.

GUEST NEEDS: Drivers need driving licenses like B, C, T, or A1. Passengers are also welcome.

The first snowmobile was created during the 20th century. With the shape of a sledge, it was intended for work to drive over snow and icy roads where other vehicles could not go. Stronger and faster, it quickly replaced sled dogs as a modern mode of transport. Nowadays, snowmobiles are mostly used for recreation.

Snowmobile Safari in the Nature

  • Each snowmobile is shared by two guests taking turns in driving. If you want to drive a snowmobile alone, without another guest, please add the solo driving supplement and enjoy the safari to the fullest! 

    The snowmobile driver is held liable for damages caused to the vehicle. The maximum personal liability is 900 € per person/snowmobile/accident.

    The self-liability waiver reduces the amount of maximum self-liability from 900 € to 200 €. The self-liability waiver costs 20 € per driver per safari and can be bought on our website as an option for all our snowmobile safaris or on the spot before the safari. The self-liability waiver is personal. 

    You will find both the solo-driving supplement and the self-liability waiver under Extras. These extras are available only for drivers.

    Please, check the pickup time from your hotel on your ticket.

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