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Duration : 3-4 hours




3-4 hours


11.00 – 14.30 time to be confirmed upon booking








Adults, young people, couples, families, senior citizens, singles, children




Finnish, German, French, Spanish…


Transportation, guidance services, coffee/beverages, equipment, winter adventure gear, organizer’s liability insurance




Meet lovely, cuddly huskies and experience their thrilling speed on a 30-45 minutes dog sled safari. After the briefing at the farm, you may enjoy a husky ride where every adult can try steering a husky team, swapping places at around the halfway mark. Enjoy the ride traversing picturesque wilderness snowscapes. The distance covered depends on the snow conditions and is usually more than 10 km.

Afterwards you can make pictures with huskies and ask all you want to know about huskies and their arctic life!

After or during the safari in the forest, some snacks are served and interesting tales are told about huskies, their training and husky competitions.

Husky safari is one of our favourite safaris for many years!

Starting every day at 11 AM exact time to be confirmed when booking.

The practice of sled dogs dates back to 2000 BC. Historically it was used for work to pull loads in Siberia and North America. In the 1900s a Norwegian explorer used the sled dogs in a race to reach the South Pole. This practice then spread to European countries for nature tours and to bring supplies to soldiers during the First World War. Nowadays, sled dogs are mostly used for recreation.



Here you can get away from the crowds and see how much fun dog sledding can be in genuine Lapland! During this personalized experience, you can learn how to drive your own team of dogs in small groups of max six participants.

We start by getting winter overalls and boots for anybody needing them. Then it's time for your driving lesson. We'll teach the necessary driving skills and then set off with our beautiful Siberian huskies for an exciting drive through the forest, following the guide's team, without snowmobiles spoiling the magic. Participants travel in pairs, each taking turns to drive and ride on the sled. After the run, you can cuddle and pet the dogs and take photos, then we'll go for a kennel tour where we explain how we care for the dogs and ensure their well-being. We finish off with a warm drink and cookies in our old, traditional house.

The route is approximately 4½ km long and suitable for beginners. It still requires good balance, quick reactions and strength and you will need to run up small hills. The dogs are usually very excited at the start and quiet once they are running. The time spent sledding depends on the speed the dogs run. This will vary according to the snow and weather conditions. Our dogs usually run at speeds that range between 10km/h and 20km/h, however, in the right conditions they can sprint some parts of the route at around 30km/h. On avarage, the driving time is approx. 20 minutes.

Children under 15 years ride in the sled driven by a parent/responsible adult or member of staff. Children aged from 15 years may be able to drive a sled by themselves, at the discretion of the guide. The tours are not suitable for children under 2 years. 


What’s included

4km sledding with a guide, driving lesson, kennel tour, winter overalls and boots, and a warm drink



You should dress in warm winter clothing, including thick woolen socks, gloves, mittens, hats and scarves. The winter overall we supply can be pulled over all of your own clothes. 



The temperature limit for our programmes is usually around -25°C. In colder temperatures, the principal guide will decide if it is safe to start the programme, especially in the case of participating children. Wind chill from velocity needs to be considered: e.g. -25°C with wind chill is equivalent to approx -40°C, where exposed flesh can freeze within two minutes, so proper clothing is paramount (eg. winter boots, hats, scarves and mittens, with gloves inside the mittens). This activity is not suitable for children under two years. When temperatures drop below -30°C, the cold also affects the welfare of the dogs, so this will always be taken into consideration.

However, it can also be too warm sometimes, so when temperatures go too far above 0°C, there is an increased risk of injury due to soft trails. In this case, we will try to reschedule the departure time so that we can take advantage of cooler temperatures.

A booked activity may be cancelled or changed at the discretion of the guide, and routes and distances may be altered along the way for safety reasons. In cases of cancellation due to force majeure, attempts will be made to provide an alternative activity.  

Fun & Active : Husky Rides

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