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Tour Packages

Highlights -

-Adorable Germany.
-Visit the Brandenburg gate.
-A majestic specimen of late-Baroque architecture.
-The Hohensalzburg castle.
-Visit the Alpine Zoo, considered to be Europe’s highest zoo.
-Enter the dazzling world of Swarozki crystals.

Germany & Austria - 11N/12D

  • Germany

    Travel to a country that is an amazing composition of historical architecture and natural wonder.


    Day 01 Berlin (D1N1) 

    Depart from India for Berlin, Germany. Reach Berlin at nightPlaces to visit: Berliner Dom, Victory Tower, Jew Memorial, Parliament


    Day 2 Berlin  (D3)

    Check a part of the infamous Berlin wall that once separated the city; the Siegessaäule or the Victory Tower 67m high with an 8.3m tall statue of Victoria, the Goddess of Victory; Checkpoint Charlie that was during the Cold War days the border-crossing area; Berliner Dom, built in 1905 it is one of the most important Protestant churches in Germany, and then visit the Brandenburg gate, which was once the ‘Iron curtain’ from where one could get a secret view of the divided Berlin.


    Day 3 Dresden Places to visit: historical attractions like Zwinger, Frauenkirche, Saxony SwitzerlandThough the city underwent massive destruction during the world war era, the city preserves its historical charm. Visit the elegant Frauenkirche, built in 1743, and then reconstructed from its destruction in 1945; Zwinger Palace, a majestic specimen of late-Baroque architecture;


    Day 4 Dresden The Elbe valley houses the stunning Saxon Switzerland, sandstone cliffs from where you can witness the massive 20-kilometer long river Elbe!


    Day 5 Munich (Places to visit: Dachau concentration camp, Neuschwanstein)Munich lies in the Bavaria, one of the most beautiful regions in Germany.  Drive into one of the most reputed brands in the world: take a plant tour of the BMW Welt; visit the Dachau concentration camp, the first concentration camp to be built in Germany, cruise along the Iser river valley in a traditional Bavarian raft while enjoying a glass of Bavarian beer, enjoy the exhilarating view from top of Germany’s highest peak Zugspitze with a comfortable cable car, walk into the famous lovely fairy tail palace Neuschwanstein!


    Day 6 Munich - Salzburg 

    Austria Visit the land of music, and natural beauty, complemented by its imperial architecture.


    Day 7 Salzberg 

    Places to visit: Hohensalzburg castle, Mozart’s house, Sound of Music tour This is a city right out of the storybook. It is also the birthplace of the world famous musician Mozart. See for yourself the story of Sound of Music. You are in Salzburg, and so you must walk into the palaces of its past kings, the Hohensalzburg castle. 2N, 2D


    Day 8 Salzberg - Innsbruck:


    Day 9 Innsbruck (Places to visit: Alpine Zoo, Patscherkoefel, Swarozki Crystal World)The royal life is always splendid and opulent. Check the Rennaisance-styled Ambras Castle of Archduke Ferdinand II. Visit the Alpine Zoo, considered to be Europe’s highest zoo. Experience the technological wonder by taking the Innsbrucker Nordkette cable cars that make a trip from the city centre to an altitude of 2,300m in just 20 minutes.


    Day 10 Innsbruck Choose a stop, and take a breathtaking view of the magnificent valley behind. Enter the dazzling world of Swarozki crystals, and visit Swarozki Kristallwelten.


    Day 11 Vienna (Places to visit: Schonbrunn & Belvedere Palace, Ringstrasse, Parliament The city is resplendent with Baroque architecture of the royal family of Habsburg. Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palaces are exquisite examples of this. The Parliament of Vienna is also a grand sight. Built in 1883 in the Greek revival style, the Parliament catches your attention immediately.


    Day 12 Vienna N12 Back to India.  

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